IFDO Art Group

IFDO Folk Dance Society was founded in 1999 depending on the Ministry of Culture TURKEY, The Group leave 2006 from Ministry of culture. Ankara and all part of Turkey regions folkloric values of the association’s aim to investigate, evaluate, develop, introduce a variety of ways.

We pursued up until now we have a new folk lives under one roof all contribute to getting the city to provide a sense of embracing the artistic and cultural services on behalf of the association’s resolve that we set up inside of us feel we were off.

This perseverance and determination to give the best service in the lives of Turkish Folk Dances and sharing this work with the people of Ankara is a common language to make the interaction was the biggest goal. Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Education common and formal education institutions, universities, and our cooperation with other clubs, continue to serve in unity and solidarity of Turkish folklore.

Our group is counting about 150 dancers between age of 18-40 years old. The performing group of folk dance about 50 dancers (But we can adapt according rules of festivals 24-40 people). Our performing group can bring 2 hours program of tradational and accept adaptation on the stage dancing some region of Turkey. We use live music or cd. I have sent you photos my group but if you want to see more you can see our performances on my facebook site as follows. Waiting your good replay.


TRABZON : Black see dance, fish dance-Black sea region
ADIYAMAN : Farmers and Shaman Dance-southeastern Anatolia
SİLİVRİ : Balkanian dance-Thrace region
SEMA : Whirling Dervish dance, Rumi Dance
BİTLİS : Eastern anatolia
BARTIN : West Black sea lady dance
ARTVİN : East Black sea and Georgian Dance
ÇİFTETELLİ : Belly Dance